Blayze Buseth

Duration: October 2018-february 2019

Blayze was one of our artists-in-residence at the New Harmony Clay Project. During his time, he explored new functional content from the inspiration of New Harmony.  Blayze’s intent was to immerse himself in the community in order to create artwork based on his surroundings and concepts that he is confronted by during his stay. He also worked with new clay bodies and formulated new glazes in order to complete his residency. His project had great potential for the community, so we hope you got to meet him while he was in New Harmony!


Instagram: @blayzebuseth


quick facts

How many years have you been working as a clay artist? I began throwing on a wheel in 2011; however, my first experience creating with clay is closer to 2009.

What is your main clay body that you currently use?  I currently use porcelain clay, but the finer the better. I love the ability to carve fine details into it.

What is the primary method you use for building your work? I create most of my work on a potter’s wheel and sometimes add clay attachments. Then, I hand carve my work with dental instruments.

What is your favorite studio tool? My favorite tool would probably be a good light. I really enjoy seeing the shadows, and this is pretty important when I trim my work and carve reliefs. I would say several tools hit first place though. My other top tools are: X-acto knife, Giffin Grip, potter’s wheel, and concentric circle transparencies for accurate measurements.

Do you have any future clay wishes or dreams? I would love to create on all ends of the globe and let clay be a medium for understanding the world’s culture and history.




Extraordinary creations and mass-produced objects permeate an individual’s environment, and access to almost everything is a click away on a smart device. Because of this incredible means to information, I often ask myself why I choose to create, much less try to determine the significance of my handmade pottery for someone else. This dilemma of “why” has allowed me to seek an answer both externally and internally, so that maintaining my personal skill development and losing myself in the world of possibilities has allowed me to see the importance of my work.

 The artwork I create is a testament to personal development; not just progress in the acquisition of new techniques and abilities, but an expression of my individual growth. The art I produce is less about satisfying a world that is limitless and impersonal and more about the growth of personal insight. Whether it is testing new forms, glazes, symbols or imagery, the purpose of the work is to enjoy the creative process and explore the unknown.   




BORN: Fergus Falls, Minnesota        

Blayze Buseth grew up in Minnesota and from a young age began to work with ceramics. He received his Associate in Arts degree, emphasis in ceramics and sculpture, from Minnesota State University of Moorhead. In 2013, Buseth studied abroad in Jingdezhen, China, with West Virginia University’s Ceramics Program. This experience allowed him access to new techniques as an artist and played a significant role in broadening his view about the world.

After his return from the Orient, Buseth was awarded a Kiva Loan from Springboard for the Arts to open a personalized ceramic studio in Fergus Falls, where he created art full-time. His work has been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions across the Midwest. In 2017, he was awarded a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board for a project that would allow him to meet community members and design personalized art pieces for them that shared aspects of their life. This year, Buseth will close his ceramic studio and travel to New Harmony, Indiana, for his first artist residency.